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Monday, October 13, 2008

Bang and the money's gone!

And WHY were you on Friends Reunited can I ask, still holding a candle for Suzy (the floozy) Jones? Also have to say that I really think that hippy is definitely out and it’s simply a chance for you to wear that Afghan coat again, we need to be more up to date, pastel shades of blue and cream with Cath Kidston curtains….perhaps I ought to do the interior design? And as to Kylie taking a front seat in the VW, I would draw your attention to the fact that she may be pleasing on the eye but her habit of using “mate” at the end of each sentence, although endearing, may soon wear thin, and as to her knowing about British traditions, you are right, I think that pace-egging may be beyond her comprehension! However since doing some searching on eBay have found that we would probably need a budget of between 10 and 15K for the VW so the bikes may be a more viable alternative, in which case Kylie can get on her own! I’ll have a look in the garage and see if the old Raleigh Chopper is still there, as my handlebar days are definitely over! Do you remember the old Chopper? Speaking of green issues apparently they have discovered that some kind of bacteria found in compost heaps is able to convert any old plant waste into ethanol and that can be used for fuel, some of your homebrew would probably qualify. I know Prince Charles runs one of his Aston Martins on fuel made from English wine, although I never thought it was that bad! Something the Minister for Transport could take a look at, did any of your old eco’s spring to mind? As long as it’s not Roger, who I haven’t forgiven for his hunter gatherer approach at the rugby club dinner dance!

And yes a slogan is a must, thought your attempts were good, but are they modern enough? I cannot help but feel that you are slipping back into your student union days. How about “want more lolly, vote for Polly”, “Want a survivor, vote for Ivor” or my personal favourite “No more conniving, vote Polly and Ivor in”? Anyway it’s work in progress! Perhaps we need a marketing budget as well, although don’t want to end up looking like the party political broadcast by Nick Clegg, I thought at one point I was watching a Cillit Bang commercial. However it seems to have made no impression on his ratings either way. Speaking of ratings it appears that Gordy’s rating is slightly on the up! Nothing like a crisis to make the public get back in line. Am very concerned about the amount of money being pledged, are they keeping track of it, my pocket calculator can’t cope with billions let alone trillions! Is the £39bn from today on top of the £250bn from the other day and is that on top of the £100m loaned to the Icelandic bank and the £127bn for Northern Rock and Bradford and Bingley? Think I might have to set up a spreadsheet!

See you Weds.

Poll x

PS Shame about the Morris dancing, does this mean the beard is back?

PPS Have no embers burning or otherwise for Gary Grimble!