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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Beeston Tank

Dear Ivor

So great to catch up with you last night, I feel that we have made some great strides (and yes I did like those you were sporting from Oxfam, very smart, am sure that jumbo cord is coming back in very soon, anyway it was good to see you in vintage sustainable fashion, much nicer than second hand!) and I am sorry that I laughed at your designer stubble, it’s true it did work for Gavin Henson and you do have a certain athletic air about you, but more in a spectator sense. And although you didn’t believe me it is true Fair Isle tank tops are back in, I’ve seen one in the Jack Wills catalogue, almost identical to yours, “The Beeston Tank”, wasn’t that the name of that prop you played against up in Nottingham?
Back to business now, after our policy chat last night I think I may have had an epiphany. It was cycling home on the Chopper, by the way thank you for the loan of the light very useful, especially when I was stopped by the police who initially thought I was a local tearaway stunt rider, however I explained that the wheelie I had just performed was totally unintentional and due in the main part to a loose chain (to say nothing of the Sauvignon Blanc). They let me off with a caution thank goodness, otherwise don’t know how I’d explain that one to Robin. Back to the epiphany, I was wondering if we should totally move away from campaign and political jargon and start with just having Managers for the different government departments, after all Minister does sound a little ecclesiastical? Also thought that when we interview applicants we could use the Oxford University model of questioning and ask them “if they were a grapefruit would they be seeded or seedless?” Have no idea what the answer should be but if it’s good enough for a top university its good enough for me. And forget the cabinet, let’s have a board or something like that, would fit particularly well with your shed? Finally, I thought maybe we should approach celebs and current business leaders, there may be quite a few that might like a change of scenery at the moment, as well as regulars at the local, for our vacant positions, obviously they would have to have a proven track record or at least an interest in the position they were applying for, again a departure from the current system. It would definitely improve our profile; mind you it’s not particularly high, especially if you disregard the punters at the Bull. I have been googling business leaders, and I am rather taken with Lord Bilimoria, he seems quite inspirational, I think he might get your approval too as he heads the Cobra beer company. What do you think? Should I carry on with my research? I know that Kylie may be upset, and perhaps George, who we may have led to believe was going to be the Minister for Health, still he probably has offers like that all the time.

Have also heard on the news that the Audit Commission have just admitted to having £10m in Iceland, have added it to the spreadsheet. Thought they were only meant to monitor local government spending, was it a bonus fund?

Must go as need to add the slogan and vacancies to the blog and take mother to her hospital appointment.

Poll xx

PS Don’t mention Friends Reunited to Robin, Ta x