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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bold Slashers and Jolly Boys

Dear Ivor
Glad you approved of the slogans, will bring the list tomorrow night and we can decide on the final one. As to emblazoning a fleet of campervans think this may have to be put on hold, and not sure Ferraris would run on ‘Sneck Lifter’ or fit with our eco-friendly manifesto. Anyway Robin has been muttering about the value of pension funds between mouthfuls of bran flakes every morning and thinks I ought to get a real job so perhaps we better keep quiet about the campaign vehicle for now and stick to the bikes? Would welcome the loan of the wind up light for tomorrow night. And Jason French who would’ve thought it, do you think he’s any good at political campaign materials, if it’s good enough for Terry Wogan….? However in the interest of cost cutting, do you think he might be open to some pro bono work?
Re your “on this day in history” snippet, have you subscribed to one of those websites? Apparently on this day in 1969 it was the new 50 pence coin that was sparking confusion, how simple things were! Not sure I feel confident with Gordy at the helm of the banks either, as he seems to be suffering from a little confusion himself, yesterday he said that “sometimes it does take a crisis for people to agree that what is obvious…”, if it was that obvious I think he probably should have noticed over the last 11 years! Anyway have updated the spreadsheet on his behalf, but must admit am a little confused, especially as am not sure how many zeros to add to one trillion, have googled and am still confused is it 12 or 18? One definition I came across said that it was an indefinite but very large number, I had suspected that myself, but it almost tipped the spreadsheet over the edge! Am hoping that someone in the Treasury has got it right; do you think I should email? Could this have been the trouble all along?
Apparently local authorities have also been facing up to potential losses of more than £1 billion invested in the collapsed Icelandic banks, have not even taken this into account on the spreadsheet, hope they know how many zeros a billion has! Am bewildered that they have this amount of money sloshing about, am all for a Christmas party fund but this seems a little excessive. The Pembrokeshire Council however has taken the bull by the horns and is turning some non-essential street lights off after midnight to save £213,000 a year; at least I know how many zeros that has. However if they’re non-essential why were they there in the first place? Robin however thought that this was a great idea and has removed several bulbs from my tastefully positioned reading lamps around the house, a false economy however, as in the darkness he tripped over the cat and the subsequent vet bill has more than exceeded any savings, think the bulbs may be going back in!
Re the blogging idea, so glad you want to “bring it on”. You know I set that new email account up for you last week, well I may have omitted to mention that you have actually been broadcasting to the nation! Surprise!! Anyway don’t worry about Roger’s wife as I met her in Sainsbury’s yesterday and, breaking news, she told me that Roger is sharing a yurt in Swanage with none other than Suzy Jones!
Glad to hear that Pace Egging is making a comeback, was it ever out, we need a few “Bold Slashers” and “Jolly Boys” in the current climate, although not sure where “Betty Brownbags” would fit in? Perhaps we could use this as our election springboard, it’s normally performed outside a local pub so should appeal to you. Do you think we could run it by George tomorrow night?
Poll xx
PS am ignoring your juvenile comments re Gary


Anonymous said...

think you are probably right about the treasury getting the zeros wrong what other reason could there be, not gross incompetence surely!