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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cabinet Capers

Dear Poll...this is a little scary...I feel an extra force is taking over my life (no...not the biryani)...maybe I have got a yen for power after all! As for minorities in the cabinet...maybe as a woman...YOU should grow a beard..that should break down barriers, address the gender balance and be a damn good laugh...we're back to cutting 'edges again. Ho! Ho! On a more serious note...'Home and Abroad' sounds simple enough for me to cope with...but it smacks of an old Ozzy TV soap...perfect in fact! Will foreign travel be involved as we have to consider our carbon footprint? Although with all the recent flooding perhaps we should look at Venice as a model to address the transport issues across Britain! As regards the the hell do they all fit in? My cabinet is collapsing under the strain of several crates of homebrew. It's only holding up with the help of some 'Bishop's Finger'... Did you know that the dictionary definition of 'cabinet' is....'a relatively small and private room such as a hut, cottage or a small house'...what about my shed? some of our pressing engagements may take us abroad as you suggest, what about...a campervan? I'm also concerned about the ageing process..facial hair is one thing....but look what politics has done to Gordon!
Once again Polly, you have channelled my enthusiasm with your gentle arm of NO political stance is OK by me too. We may also need to hone our leadership qualities so I've been swotting up. I have discovered on google (so it must be right) that intelligence, good looks and height are not necessary. Phew! I thought, we're in with a chance...should we tell David Cameron...naaagh! Luckily, it seems that leadership skills can be found and adopting a few character traits. The first is VISION...I whipped off my specs immediately...then I realised it meant...a clear vivid picture of where to go. It's funny..but I have never struggled with telling people where to go...but where exactly are we heading with all this? Suddenly an image of 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' popped into my head! This is where I believe we have the winning formula.'ve always had a firm grasp on what success looks like...leaders must create vision and passionately own and act upon it...relentlessly driving it to completion.'s do passion so well...and I'm...well...relentless! Tonight, at The Bull, can we explore our vision to be PM over a few light ales...are we fit for leadership? Yes...I agree..we do need the support of a strong team of advisers to bolster our few many can we fit in a campervan...and what ministerial roles can we invent?
Can't wait...must dash...see your visionary self at eight!!
With passion,
Ivor X
PS I'd forgotten there was so much choice in disposable razors...bring tissues!