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Friday, October 17, 2008

Wannabe in with the INN Crowd

Dear Ivor

Always loved the Wombles myself, before their time with all that recycling, perhaps they would be open to becoming campaign mascots? Liked your ideas of Heads of departments from all sections of society and yes your list was endless!! Have had a look around and think that Lorraine Heggessey might also be on the short list for the inner shed sanctum, btw have some scatter cushions going spare. She was involved in the production of “Britain’s Got Talent”, probably more our scene than the X Factor, and think that I’m more of an Amanda Holden than a Shazza. Thought Lorraine could help us with the “Pick the Parliament” idea? I feel a reality tv show coming to a screen near you, you heard it here first! Am with you on putting the vote out to the public via the blog, whilst of course retaining overall control, we do need to firm up those roles! Sounds like a call to an aerobics class!! Am working on an organisational chart, not sure that “The Beeston Tank” really has the right credentials as an aficionado of the “dark arts”, and he did look suspiciously like that photofit on Crimewatch the other week. Anyway will bring the organogram to the pub, us of course at the top with a PM job share arrangement, and before you mention it, no it won’t be like the time we were class prefects, I couldn’t help it that Mr Faraday thought that the “Who shot JR” charity sweepstake was all my idea.

Your campaign slogan “Wannabe in with the INN Crowd” was inspired, probably by a bottle of Old Peculiar (must be the Fuggle hops), but definitely one for the list. And yes, am very impressed by your technological advances, it was not long ago that you thought Apple Mac was rainwear and cyberspace was something out of Star Trek, however you may want to boldly go and spend some time surfing for “webcam” before you waste too much time on the black and white tv. Will of course bring my blackberry but I don’t want you playing Sudoku all evening we have things to do! Think an agenda is a good idea as we do tend to go off on the odd tangent.

Re the painting of the campervan, think the fluorescent paint should be saved for the sanctuary of your private rooms at no. 10! Tandem Experiences on the other hand does sound quite fun, might book us in for the Start Tandeming course before we progress to the Masterclasses! Robin seems to be quite amused by the idea that I might be forced to take a back seat. He’s still working on his eco fuel project for the car and has spoken to Jason’s mum and dad about recycling their chip oil, am very concerned that this may be one of his more expensive experiments! Still it’s keeping him occupied.

Didn’t catch Question Time, however heard that the audience were not in the mood to be pacified by ineffectual and evasive politicians, not before time! Checked out a bit on the BBC website re the proposal of the database for mobile calls and web habits (sounds like something spiderman would wear), why would they spend money on this to apparently save lives, that may not actually be lost, and won’t spend it on cancer drugs to save lives that will definitely be lost, ho hum! Is it just machismo? And their track record in electronic data isn’t exactly exemplary! However this is something we can address when we are voted in. Am also annoyed with the banks, we have leant them loads of our money, which we were not actually aware that the government had so much of, at a reduced rate of interest and now they won’t lend it back to us at an equally fair rate. They are acting in the same self-interested way that got them into this mess in the first place!

Mother sends her love, waited two hours to see the doctor at the hospital, fairly uneventful, if you don’t count the incident with the alcohol hand gel, the receptionist was very understanding though. Am sure it’s not the first time she’s been temporarily blinded! Think mother’s now booked in for her hip replacement but could not be quite sure as the doctor’s accented English was quite challenging. I may have inadvertently booked her in for an amputation!!

See you later.

Poll xx

Ps Oops nearly forgot Kylie left a message on my answer phone, think you may have to break the news of the reshuffle.

PPS Really don’t want ornamental chicken egg holder as remember what it was used for, however the knitting patterns as long as in line with party colours may not be a bad idea. See if Aunty Gladys will knit you up a sample.