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Monday, October 27, 2008

Second Life in waiting

Dear Ivor
Sorry been a bit quiet on the blog front but have had to be especially well behaved since Thursday! Sorry if I may have implied to Robin that it was your bad influence on me that was responsible for my high spirits (no jokes about alcohol levels please!). However he was somewhat appeased by the loan of the demijohns, less said about them the better! However spurred by your comments on Spore 2008 (do you not think that Will Wright looks like Dustin Hoffman?), I have over the weekend been surreptitiously investigating simming, under the guise of searching through the BBC Recipe Finder web pages. Was enthralled! The way the pound is going could sporebucks be adopted as our national currency? Think maybe we have stumbled across a vetting process for political parties in waiting, your suggested government simulation game with published results.

Was quite taken with Philip Rosedale’s Second Life, what a wheeze, over 15 million residents and people actually transfer real money into linden dollars and buy virtual land, property and loads of other things, yes you read it right virtual, looked up the meaning and it said not real! And then they sell this not real stuff to each other in the not real world, you can even buy linden dollars and other second life things on the real eBay! Apparently the linden dollar was not hit by the recent economic crisis, what are they talking about!! Should I tell them that it’s NOT REAL! They’ll be thinking they can actually teleport next!! Or should I just go and work on my virtual CV and see if I can get a virtual job in Second Life. Not sure Robin will be that impressed by a virtual salary though!

Will add Clive James to the Wannabes list. Did we arrange our next meeting?

Poll xx

PS Seem to have acquired the singing trout!


Elvis Mindbend said...

Ivor if I’m your virtual life coach can I charge you a fee? Say 100 linden dollars an hour?

Blog Floater said...

think sporebucks are a better currency might even get free coffee

Anonymous said...

this virtual economy stuff sounds like the real thing to me lending and borrowing money you don't have