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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Delilah and Elvis

Dear Ivor

So glad you have recovered from your shock of exposure! After all it really is no worse than the time you were caught on video performing Delilah in our road after the 1978 Welsh rugby victory against France, whilst somewhat scantily clad and balancing an ornamental chicken egg holder on your head! Your Aunt Gladys was put off knitting for months.
Our new, and might I say only, follower Elvis sounds like a happening sort of guy, you don’t think he’s that student who works in Jason’s mum and dad’s chippy?
Just to let you know am very much relieved, have heard on Radio 4 Today programme, so it must be true, that a trillion has 12 zeros so have adjusted the spreadsheet accordingly, however it’s still not looking too good! I do hope that someone in the Treasury was listening as well. Money is definitely running out. Have found out that plans to build a £40m leisure pool on the side of the Olympic aquatic centre after 2012 have had to be axed due to lack of funds, probably somewhere in Iceland, perhaps an ice rink would be more appropriate, however I wondered if I should suggest to them that they should follow the Pembrokeshire model and turn off a few of those non-essential street lights (and some office lights as well wouldn’t go amiss), between now and 2012, that might save them a few million and help with the carbon footprint?
In the interest of improving the national debt have also been looking for some investment opportunities and apparently Durex sales and Cracked Heel Repair Cream have been booming; is there a link there somewhere? Do you think this might be a good time to buy, or do you think that it might have reached a peak? Haven’t mentioned this to Robin as he is still on a cost cutting exercise, rode the Chopper to work yesterday and had a £30 on the spot fine for taking a shortcut across the pavement! Working from home today so that should keep him out of mischief, although at the moment he’s investigating how to run the car on vegetable oil, watch this space!!
See you tonight strides and all!
Poll xx

PS Will bring the spreadsheet and sundry lists!