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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Duw, it's Hard...

I'm feeling very frustrated Polly. I don't really care if Gordon used the 'R' word today. I'm not bothered if Oleg fed Osborne grapes dipped in chocolate whilst sucking his toe on his great big Russian launch in sun scorched Corfu. I'm fed up of the media feeding frenzy on this credit crunch malarkey...and what's more I swished my stripey fair isle jumper (the one with Rutland Panther stains down the front) for a red and white scarf aka Max Boyce. I was pleased initially as I had one just like it many years ago for 'Live at Treorchy'...then Aunty Gladys confessed she'd found it in her attic and had offered it up for her contribution to recycling. But I refuse to fall prey to the 'feel bad factor' that's dominating our newspapers.We've turned things around at the allotment and have started a little honesty box for the locals. There's a healthy run on pumpkins and we've used donations to plant garlic bulbs. We need to resurrect that 'blitz spirit' and find practical ways of helping the everyday person through financial hardship.I feel last night's 'Swishers' weren't necessarily representative of Britain as a whole. One of the Gucci leather briefcases still had hate mail addressed to Lehman Brothers tucked in the pocket calling them a 'bunch of bankers'. But in their own way the party organisers were doing something positive.

Cooking for one, I feel detached from the real effects of the downturn in the economy. I'm sure that there are families experiencing serious hardship out there who should be given well constructed advice on how to bring down their household bills instead of listening to the constant blame culture at the top. I find that cooking with pulses instead of meat brings down the shopping bills.... and takeaways are definitely out! A good pressure cooker can be picked up easily at a local car boot sale and using natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda for cleaning can save you a bomb. I even used parsley to clean my teeth in my tree dwelling days!

What about Alvin Hall for Head of Economy? I admire him for thinking that the credit crunch could have a positive effect on our attitudes to money. This downturn might encourage us to be more frugal and find creative ways to live within our means. He ought to know as his family were so hard up that they couldn't afford the O-R in poor...he was just Po! I nicked that line from him as it made me chuckle!

On a serious note, my heart goes out to our bloggers who are really up against it in this recession. There, I used the 'R' word...and in the immortal words of Max Boyce Duw! It's Hard. Hold that thought Polly...there's a You Tube link to this moving ballad...can you work your wizardry again for a bloggers united bedtime singalong? Press HERE now!
Aaagh lovely. I'll just pop a few coins in the where's my scarf gone?
Night Polly, can't wait to see your organogram tomorrow.
Big kisses
Ivor X
PS I'll bring some sketchy etchings for our blog...we can't have music and no visuals!