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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Grooming for Success

Dear Ivor

We may have to work on the image thing, not that you don’t always look extremely comfortable, however your wardrobe is more about cut edges than cutting edge. Anyway style is not everything, look at Boris, it certainly hasn’t held him back! And whilst I am all for male grooming think that lipstick should probably be avoided, in your case at all costs! Getting rid of the beard may however be a good move as you do have a tendency to stroke it quite tenderly whilst in conversation and frankly (there he is again) this can be quite distracting and not in a positive sense. Perhaps on reflection we should stick to radio? Having had a quick look at the current competition in the cabinet, about 29 in all (do they need that many?), facial hair is definitely out, well amongst the men anyway. We may have unwittingly stumbled upon a discriminatory practice against beardedness! With regards to the fairer sex, much in the minority, I don’t appear to have too much competition and may be able to keep the slippers after all.

I have given some thought to the manifesto and I don’t really think a political stance is necessary; in fact it may be a stumbling block. We could stick to two categories, home and abroad, what do you think?

Poll xx

PS If we are celebrating on Thursday definitely the corduroy jacket, did you have it cleaned after the unfortunate incident with the chicken biryani?