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Monday, October 20, 2008

Talking Credit

Hi Polly,
George W. Bush once said '' It's clearly a budget. It's got a lot of numbers in it''. Why do we doubt ourselves? Choosing Head of Economy should be a breeze....and I've noticed your subtle undertones to spice up the position with words like 'undercover' and 'naked' to entice in a celebrity economist. I think you'll find I will have more sway with Evan Davies, if he's man enough to wannabe a wannabe? It's not a role for the faint you think we should actively head hunt him? You spooked me with that direct link business...I thought I'd been evicted from the cosiness of wannabepm and catapulted into some other virtual reality. But actually, if you look closely...he works from a shed too. I felt quite at home there next to him. He, shares our lack of strategy and enjoys seeing the 'bigger picture in the patterns'...I bet he likes fairisle!
Talking tanktops (weren't we), I have a hazy memory of the defence I gave regarding pheasant plucking in my bygone days...but the only thing I remember clearly running amok in my jumper on that occasion were Morris the Molecatcher's ferrets...and your last words were 'one tequila, two tequila, three tequila floor'. Still, it's far better to be open and upfront about past demeanours as then there will be nothing to discredit us later.
Talking credit (weren't we), I too find difficulty in reconciling my net income with my gross I opted out this weekend and went fly fishing at Rutland. My hot orange blobs were a bit of an anti-climax but I reverted to my trusty dabblers and landed a 12lb rainbow trout. I'm still cross about the leek show and found an inspirational article in The Guardian by Hilary Osborne (can you do a whizzy link bit here please Polly? - whizzy link) Alongside bankers, giant vegetables are victims of the economic credit crunch...and I feel this is an issue we should challenge. This is definately one for airing 'On my soapbox'. The British public need to know the merits of growing 'plot to plate' plants...and as the credit crunch bites it comes as no surprise that there is a buying frenzy for turnip seeds.
The Bitter End sounds good to me, but I can't do Wednesday as I'm going swishing. Felt my jumbo cords needed a new home. Whilst I applaud the recycling ethos I'm disappointed that these events are so female orientated. I'm taking Aunty Gladys as decoy but once I've picked up a few tips, I think I might host one for blokes called 'swoshing'.
Is Thursday OK for you? And are you ready to launch our organogram yet? I'll check out some searching interview questions in anticipation.
Lot of love,
Ivor X
PS Elvis Mindbend is a bit of a dark horse...he seems to be hiding his light under a he energy saving? Don't be shy Elvis...'the man with no profile'?