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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Income based living with The Sims

Dear Ivor

Do you feel happier now after getting that off your chest? You’re not going to take up tree dwelling again are you, not with your back, and don’t forget the rugby injury, straddling branches would be out of the question. Re your cookery tips just remember the last time you overdosed on pulses, it resulted in quite a bit of anti-social behaviour. Have however as requested put in your link to Max Boyce (must show you how to do this), although think it is a little morose and a more rousing sing-along to something like “The Only Way is Up” would perhaps be more appropriate with a bit of choreography thrown in!

You do however have a point with the “R” word, as soon as Mervyn King mentioned that we were about to enter a recession there was even more doom and gloom and the pound plummeted. It seems that the markets are based on the delicate foundations of rumour and conspiracy. Have the British people the grit and determination to get through this I hear you say? Is it time for us to take control of our lives, our spending and in your case your wardrobe!

Perhaps there’s more to this swishing thing than meets the eye, who needs eBay, we could swish unwanted gifts, household objects, your home brew, the list is endless! Swishing in homes, local village halls and down the pub could become the norm. Income based living could replace Fortune as an aspiration in the Sims computer game, might appeal to the younger generation more than the finance lessons the government is planning? Have I lost you….? You can always look it up on Wikipedia!

Must go just heard a bit of a commotion going on in the garage, Robin is at the delicate mixing stage of the eco-fuel. And you haven’t forgotten about the demijohns?

Poll x

PS Nearly forgot Alvin Hall is definitely a contender for the post of Head of Economy, do you think he'd be excited if he knew?


Blog Floater said...

good idea about Sims quite fancy some income based living!

Anonymous said...

Love to know what Ivors injury is?