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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Job Share Prime Minister

Dear Ivor

Reading between the ramblings and certain derogatory comments, believe it or not I think you may have something! Although a word of caution, as you have had some particularly hairbrained schemes in the past. Be careful what you wish for! Just look at Gordon, all those long years waiting to use his change of address cards! I also think that it may be a requirement to become fond of chequers and you're more of a chess man. Still I am, as you may say, between contracts at the moment and you are between pints, so I could be called upon to assist you in some kind of job share arrangment should the need arise. Thursday it is, at the Bull. I'll bring my notepad. In the meantime if you think of anything for the manifesto let me know and I'll jot it down, you know how I love lists!

Poll x

PS Nearly forgot, did you know that Gordon Brown's first name is actually James!