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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Lady's not for turning..?

Polly....the slogans are hilarious...I can see a whole fleet of campervans with our catchy logos emblazoned on the sides. Now that four top banking executives have stepped down we might even get hold of some unwanted ferraris on'll go surfing later! And talk about spooky...83 years ago to the day...Maggie Thatcher (queen of privatisation was born)...the very day that Gordy decides to part-nationalise British banking...does that mean she was wrong? The word 'U-Turn' comes to mind. And how is it possible that a catastrophic banking crisis can improve Gordon's ratings? No executive bonuses either....there's always an upside?!!

But why do you always think the worst of me...I was on Friends Reunited for research purposes only....remember Jason French...the arty one? Well, I heard he had done some interior design for Terry Wogan. Mmmm...I know, he's gone up in the world. His Mum and Dad still run the chippy and I bet they haven't even heard of Cath Kidston. Mind you, neither had I until today! Personally she's a bit too flowery for me but this may appeal to some of our female voters and those in touch with their feminine Gary. As for Suzy...never gave her a second thought. Jason told me in double Woodwork that he found her company very did Frank, Gav, Jason, Luke, Reg, Gary...oh! I take your point Polly! I noticed how you omitted to elaborate as to why you were on Friends Reunited? Gary Grimble...Gary Grimble...Gary Grimble...!! Will you need a male PA when you are elevated to the dizzy heights of PM? Now there's an image to conjure with...but does he have the right attributes?

I thought there was a lot of mileage in the idea of running the 'vote-mobile' on Jennings 'Sneck Lifter' and we could always chuck the bikes on the back. Talking of bikes...sorry our handlebar days are over...can't wait to see your Chopper. I've got a spare wind up light for your journey home from the wasn't originally wind up but in the interests of the environment...I've been tinkering again!

As regards public exposure...we don't need to worry about leadership posturing as I'm not doing any TV interviews when we are voted in on a wave of popularity...don't lose that vision Polly! Well...not unless I can wear the Afghan...and cowboy boots! Broadcasting could be our medium...I think you would positively sparkle on Radio 4's 'Any Questions'....but I vehemently believe that blogging is best. I throw caution to the wind and embrace the idea of millions reading our emails...what have we got to lose...except our dignity and that went a long time ago....bring it on I say!

So, it seems we have lots to discuss at The Claptrap'. We could always use George, behind the bar, as a bit of a sounding board...he's an ideas man. We need to bottom out our campaign slogan once and for all. But right now...I'm off down the shed to pump up the tyres. Polly, do you really think the people of Britain will get behind us seriously...what about...'On Your Bike?'

Lots of love,
Ivor X

PS May need some careful re-editing afterall Polly...Roger's wife might 'blog in'...although I heard that he's moved on from his 'Stone Age' antics to dry stone walling and yurt dwelling.

PPS Did you know that 'Pace Egging' plays are making a comeback. Apparently...some 'Old Tosspot' goes around encouraging the general public to give him money...does this sound familiar? What was the public funded total on your spreadsheet...and who is the tosspot?

As for your Rumba with Robin..enjoy! X