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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mears Grylls questionnaire

Dear Ivor

Thursday is fine with me, The Bitter End it is. Glad to see you taking an interest in your wardrobe, however not sure that you will find much at the swishing party that suits your unique style, however if you see any Jimmy Choos size 4 grab them! You may want to tell Aunty Gladys to secrete her knitting needles about her person, only as a form of defence of course, it can get quite rough ferreting through those rails. I once lost out on a rather attractive Armani jacket to a fellow rummager armed with a nail file, I still have the scar to prove it.

Have finished the organogram and about to publish so the next thing we do need to firm up is our interviewing technique. Wonder if we ought to use one of those psychometric questionnaire things. Have had a look into Myers-Brigg, heard about it from Robin; however must admit thought it was the name of one of those bushcraft survival experts, which is why I was listening in the first place, was going to pass on any handy tips to you, know how you love all that Mears Grylls caveman survival stuff (Might come in handy at the swishing party!). The process however does seem overly complicated, not that I have ever needed a questionnaire to make up my mind about someone. Perhaps we could make up one ourselves to add a more professional feel to the interview? Questions like; At the pub are you the first or the last to offer to buy a drink?, how many friends do you have?, how many times a day do you laugh?, how much time do you spend looking for holidays on the internet each day?, am I on the right track do you think? This should give us the measure of someone. I know it may seem tough but look where the current questionnaires have got us.

Listening to Radio 4 this morning things are not looking good, it’s going to be a tough job for our Head of Commerce and Inland Revenue to balance the spreadsheet. Have had to add another £11.5m to it this morning for the introduction of finance lessons for primary and secondary school children educating them on debt, is the government’s money endless or have they had to borrow it! Apparently we also lose about £900m in the UK each year where people go to work but are not actually doing much and another £750m where people are off work due to work-related illness, have added these amounts on as well! Think maybe we should be introducing happiness lessons in schools, how much would that cost?

Anyway know you are probably thrilled this morning as Warren Gatland has been selected as the Lions forwards coach? A cause for celebration no doubt and another rendition of Bread of Heaven on Thursday! Oh btw Robin was wondering if you had any spare demijohns in your shed, he’s still working on his eco-fuel? And in case you think that I have forgotten about the farmers loss of income, have been working on a report, well more of a paragraph really, into alternative income feeds, have so far come up with “Help the farmer week”, where people get together and help their local farmer for free with a particular task in return for a large helping of community spirit, a big dollop of feel good factor and a party at the end of course. What do you think? Still mulling over regional representation!

Poll xx

PS avoid any offers of fishing trips on Russian yachts at the moment!