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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Polly and Ivor go live!

Dear Poll...felt I should stop rabbiting on and seize the moment whilst the 'Rutland Panther' is still coasting through my veins. The time must be ripe for the common man (and woman Poll) to rise up and take control...from the armchair!! What about a virtual Prime Minister? No...I'm not joking...can't be worse than the one we've got. We seemed to put the world to right quite effectively at Ye Olde Claver Inn last what about getting off our (rapidly spreading) backsides and making a bid for leadership? No...I am not off my more than normal...just fed up of moaning and doing nowt about it. Do you think it could work? A virtual, job share PM...working from home (well..PUB)...excellent work-life balance! Anyway...we can't do any worse...we all know it's quite simple...ask the person in the, not gutter Poll! Must go...let me know your thoughts...I feel this is the start of something BIG..we could be the mouthpiece for millions. I know what you're thinking...what do we know about politics...but what do politicians know about the everyday person? We can do Politics Polly. We might need a wee bit of guidance to get things what about it...wannabe PM? Britain needs us?! Are you in or out? Are you free Thursday...8'ish...The Bull at discuss our manifesto!!!
PS Read somewhere recently that drinking real ale from a microbrewery is a 'blow in the face of globalisation'....see I'm already making a political stance!!