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Friday, October 24, 2008

Polly's Pole Dancing!

Good Golly Miss Polly,
We certainly had a rip roaring night last night. Thought you might be feeling a little reflective this morning...though you are right to be triumphant in thrashing everyone in fastest pint. You always were competitive, but I'll refrain from any childish 'hockey player Mom' jokes. Perhaps you were a little overly defensive in your retaliation to Krzysztof's throw away remark about the size of your jugs. I blame myself for bringing the demijohns. My fault totally. In fairness you were being mildly flirtatious with your references to the rise of his zloty and he really meant Polish dancing. Still, Robin obviously had foresight when he enrolled you for those martial arts lessons..very impressive indeed. I think it is safe to assume that the predicted mass exodus of Poles from the UK has risen overnight to a staggering 1.2 million....and one. Shame, I liked Krzysztof! Good work ethic and always got his round in.

Talking of Polls, Poll. I thought your idea of wannabe bloggers voting in our Head of Economy was pure genius. I have a sneaky suspicion that Head of Immigration will soon be up for grabs too. I fancy Clive a betting sort of way. Do you think he would make it in on points? How do you compare his skill set to the current head honcho Phil Woolas? Mmmm, a tricky one. Clive speaks eight languages and dances a mean tango, especially after a couple of Old Tooheys. I'm sure we could make some room in the campervan for him and he loves travel. Actually Clive, I did wonder if YOU are our anonymous blogger....if so 'Welcome a board'. I do understand after your expose on FAME that you may be just trying to protect your own celebrity. I thought it a little cowardly however to press me on my rugby injury when you wouldn't even divulge your real name. But that's a sensitive issue too isn't it? Anyway, Elvis, my life coach has advised that I am not yet comfortable with explaining why I side stepped from rugby to Morris Dancing and any 'pull the other one ' jokes are not easy to deal with currently. How do you spell 'Vivian'? See it hurts doesn't it Clive? Wannabe in or out?

You are right Polly...the only way IS up especially with regard to my IT skills. There's an error flashing at me right now so I'm publishing before it's too late. But in the words of Arny...I'll be back!

Love Ivor X

PS The paracetamols landed behind the singing trout if you are wondering!