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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Fantastic news Poll (always knew you were a game gal...)

James eh? Did he miss 'Jim'll Fix It'?!!! And did you say chess man? I thought it was a misspelling! HO! HO! Anyway...couldn't walked Edwina (the dog) in the early hours. Not sure if it was hangover or excitement...but thought if we become hugely successful as the voicebox for voters you may have to ditch the Spongebob Squarepants slippers...image is everything! Thinking of shaving off my I may need to wear a carnation in my tank-top to the pub! Or should I don my corduroy jacket in celebration? To be frank for a mo (who's Frank I hear you say)...I'm not in this for the fame or fortune...just more of what we do best...making molehills out of mountains. What leadership qualities can we offer? I know you have charisma by the bucketful...just don't spray it on so heavily! No! No! Polly..I'm only have the style and intellect...and I'm strong and tough...and only the best is good enough! (Thought you'd like the chocolate link.) As for the manifesto...I've just about given up on British politics..I've got no political fact I'm bored with voting altogether. How are we going to switch people on to supporting our leadership campaign...perhaps you could do the politics and I'll just party!! By Jove...that's it...PUB POLITICS...where all of life's big issues are tackled with vim and vigour. Off down the shed as we speak to cobble together a soapbox (from recycled political manifestos)...must wind up my camping lantern before I do myself a mischief. There we go..two items energy and the NHS. No holding me back now..mine's a pint of Old Thumper!

Big Kisses
Ivor XXX

PS You played a bit of hockey in your any lipstick?