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Friday, October 24, 2008

Virtually Challenging.

For your information Polly whilst initially I may have thought SIM meant 'Serving in Mission' and involved cups of porridge in Peru...I recognize some real opportunities in Blog Floater's comments. I took on your virtual challenge and being a real-time strategy man I have been forced to acknowledge that there are some political parallels to be drawn with the tribal phase in Spore 2008. SIMS is simply really need to keep up with technological advances. I've entered a whole new world. The player is given a hut (free), a group of fully evolved creatures (politicians?) Dubious. And two superpowers (you and me)? It's amazing you get weapons, instruments (mine's a banjo) and wait for implements. Remember my birthday is just around the corner Polly and I can always swish my Star Trek Comics to make room. Apparently warlike tribal members will practice combat and docile members will practice instruments and throw parties. It's utterly brilliant. We should definately seek advice from its designer Will Wright. Why stop at income based economy...what about a government simulation game called 'Wannabepm'? Shall we ask Will to do a feasability study? That would be great fun though a little challenging. I'm not sure how I would behave if I was in a simulated reality. My boundaries might merge and I wouldn't know if I was real or not. Perhaps best not to dabble with magic circles and stick to real that's tangible! I'm happy blogging for the time being...before we go virtual and beyond!
Must dash
Ivor X