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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wombles are We...

Dear Polly,
I'm pleased we are 'wheely' moving in a forward direction. Sorry, couldn't resist a quip at the bike was your hoody that did it. George did say to take it off...but that was just to join in the chanting...oh what a night!

I was convinced that Lord Bilimoria was a furry litter collector from Wimbledon until I googled him. I don't buy in to his 'less gassy' beer...but loved his mantra of 'to aspire and achieve against all odds'...very apt in our own little mission I thought?

Building on your notion of 'Managers'...whilst surfing the web (getting more confident on my Apple Mac), I stumbled across a site where you could nominate your own World Rugby Team...that's it I thought...we could ask British bloggers to elect their own government....what do you think to that? We could ask 'The Beeston Tank' to interview for a position in defence...or security? I felt quite safe with him on the streets of Nottingham when trawling the clubs in the early hours.

I'm not sure if 'Manager' sounds a bit stuffy for joe public...what about 'Head of ' some crucial role in the cabinet. We could form a representative leadership panel from all sectors of society.....teachers, doctors, rugby players, pop stars (Kylie), comedians, newsreaders, snooker players, philosophy grads, butchers, rabbis, dinner ladies, nurses, firemen (just for you Polly), sheep farmers (just for me), publicans (George), lumberjacks, lonely bloggers....but definately no politicians. The list is endless.

Being PM...we would of course have authority to veto any really daft Uncle Bulgaria! We need to set up a rigorous interview the X Factor...I could be Simon Powell (got the trouser look already)...and you could be Shazza!

In my opinion, we can't just recruit inspirational leaders as all their egos will never fit in the shed...and all that heated debate will make for a very tense atmosphere. You'll be brewing camomile tea all evening. Incidentally...the trophies are gone....apart from the Sam Fox poster which I've tucked away...still coming to terms.

I thought that with a little effort I could modify the old black and white telly in readiness for a spot of video conferencing. I knew you'd be impressed by the way I'm embracing 21st technology. By the way...I got so carried away with typing my dots in wild abandon that my keyboard threatened me with a sticky key....did it know my marmite sandwiches were closeby? Technology is so spooky.

I'm acutely aware that we haven't yet nailed down a catchy slogan for the VW...what about ''Wannabe in with the INN crowd?'' (Notice the subtle link with alcohol.) I'm getting a little frustrated as I have been donated some wicked fluorescent eco-paint from 'freecycling'...just waiting for the vehicle now.

Perhaps we should go down the sponsorship route...what about promoting certain Tandem's true...this company really does exist...and now all our bloggers (yes, all of them) will be checking this site out just to prove me wrong! So...Tandem about donating a tandem for all this free advertising!! Alright Polly...I admit I may have indulged in a few private light ales this evening and overstepped the remit...feel free to edit after reading! Was only hinting as my birthday is looming! Better 'blog off' now as I want to catch the end of 'Question Time'...are you it's all about drugs? You heard it here first!

Is there any chance you could bring the agenda to the Nag's Head tomorrow as I have trouble concentrating when the karaoke gets going...and don't forget your blueberry. Can you believe that the Leek Show has been cancelled...I'm appalled...the allotment committee is up in arms...politics on your own doorstep. So much to little time.
Much love,
Ivor X
PS Sorry...forgot to ask how your Mum's check up went...did she remember that the red cord wasn't the light switch this time?