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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Be Very Afraid!

Oh Polly,

I have sniggered in wild abandon here reading your blog. And laughing is so good for the soul. Releases endorphins. Perhaps we should explore your concept of Happiness Lessons in school further? Personally I think we should offer out Melissa's advice to high school kids for them to take charge of their own positive thoughts...which options on the menu do you think they'll go for? Acupuncture, chocolate, horror films, a long run or...a very moving experience. None of the above? Mmmm tricky!

What a font of far flung information you are! I have a slight concern that the boredom of hospital food may have affected your mind. Are you descending into some all-consuming google mania? Is this predilection a health concern? Or are you simply delaying the inevitable return to Robin's frugality? As for Christmas, you needn't worry about Robin choosing unwisely as I've talked him out of the bottle recycled green gecko goblets, the willow making-course and suggested a more biblical offering. Perhaps you could get him a 100% hemp backpack to go with it ...literally.

Clearly 'glamping' in yurts holds irresistible appeal for British nature lovers, but not sure why you need a summer solstice as an excuse for 'dancing around the campfire in various stages of undress'. Alice should spend a weekend skinny dipping at C.A.T....that will certainly lift her organic spirits! I thought Robin would appreciate these top tips...although as I recall the question on most students' lips was how the f*** do you pronounce Machynlleth. That's where the indulgence in homebrew evolved. Ahh! The memories.

I may disappear offline for a while as I need to give clarity of focus to our communication strategy. Also, must press on with putting the finishing touches to the shed plans. This is a serious campaign driver, and whilst I agree with Pete May of The Guardian, that this is just the ticket for securing votes by the shedload...I do wonder if it's easier shed than done.

Just off in search of a red hot chilli pepper for a quick boost of natural euphoria and so that you don't feel left out here's an inspiring piece of music to stimulate your hospitalized endorphins....relax and enjoy! Got ya!

Don't you feel so much happier now...I know I do!!

Lots of love

Ivor X

PS Pressure's on...but take heart, we're not the only ones strapped for cash in our election it's open play if we WannabePM! I've found THE rousing campaign song to whoop up even more wannabe followers. I thought Doctor Mel and Robin would both like the spin on 'backpacks' (our metaphorical toolkit)...and I have a sneaky suspicion that LynnMarie has tripped out on happiness endorphins at several summer solstices. Perhaps this is the way to breakdown our middle-class image? I agree the American accent is an issue, do you think I should contact Max Boyce for a remix?
PPS Did you spot me in the C.A.T. photo?