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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Benefits Who?

Hi Polly,

I enjoyed tonight's meeting and have come home energised and ready to roll. I've been in touch with the BBC about Woss'll Fix It. I'll get on to Pashleys in the morning and send off an email to Boris too. As for Dr Melvyn Kershaw...he sounded perfect until I started surfing the web and accidentally stumbled upon THIS! Sounds like a bitter ex-student or rival headteacher perhaps? Ignore it, ignore it....don't believe everything you google...some bloggers write any old rubbish. We should make up our own minds. He looks a sound bloke to me. Should he win the wannabe bloggers vote for Head of Education and Innovation, I may suggest he dresses down a little for our first brainstorm. I've already asked Aunty Gladys to knit him a few elbow patches in optimistic anticipation. I also think his age is a real plus factor in demonstrating inclusivity in our campaign.

If he jobshares with Carol Voderman we will have a real breadth of representation ranging in race, colour, gender, sexual orientation and now age. And so far we've only been recruiting for two posts! Still a bit dominated by the middle class I feel...might need to call upon a few treehugging friends though I'm loathed to admit my new found technical prowess. Can you get wind up I'm feeling a little uneasy about my carbon footprint?

As for EMAs...I'm disgusted. I'm lost for words...any private school mums out there in cyberspace that are claiming your £30 whilst pocketing ex-hubby's fortune....YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! Read this and weep. Don't even think of blogging in a defence...just blog off down to your nearest Jack Wills shop...if you dare. Or put it towards your next pair of Jimmy Choo Nevada flats. That should ease your conscience...assuming you have one! (Don't worry Polly, I spotted Miranda wearing them...that's the only reason I know they are in at the moment!) You are SO right. We need to give some serious thought to this 'benefit' mentality that is souring the nation.
Must just catch the end of Moral Maze....all about social workers.
Love Ivor X
PS A random thought. Why do we give children Pocket Money?