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Friday, November 28, 2008

Blog Off Blears!


First things don't mention James. I have found his car keys in the inside pocket of my Afghan coat (me, nostalgic?). Should he wish to return my scooter preferably without adornments, I am happy to return them. Though I have chosen to withold the beermat with phone number for ransom in a belated effort to be responsible for his welfare. Should I be apologising again? Our wilderness weekend might be a touch frosty....but will do wonders for blowing away the cobwebs and clearing bleary eyes.

Talking Blears...I revel in the freedom of the blogosphere, I dance in the face of political diversity and I wilfully flaunt my libertine passions to all...or was that just last night? Get a life Hazel...even Bono has his light and dark side? I've heard that somewhere before.

In an effort to engender public interest in politics we should be actively embracing blogdom...isn't laptop politics better than complete disinterest? It is what WannabePM is all about....making it easy for the everyday blogger to present new views and legitimate protest.

I suspect there may be good reason why the British public don't venture out to polling booths in droves. Perhaps Hazel should read the article on how Obama used the net to rally support for 70 million. There's a lesson there that enough 'added value' for this political blog?

We are not all cynical and despairing, (though the word 'frustrated' comes to mind). We are just Joe Public trying to find a platform to be heard and blogging is a great democratic tool that allows multiple audiences freespeech. The internet can be a fantastic communication vehicle that connects and harnesses public feeling. Politicians just need to take their fingers out of their ears.

Sorry, I fear I have descended into an outburst of corrosive cynicism. In an effort to be neutral, I am reassured that Hazel recognises that ordinary people feel excluded and it is the poor and most vulnerable that are least likely to have democratic influence.

So how is it that Barack engaged whole comunities and won the hearts and minds of the young, of women and of minorities? Charisma aside, I suspect that the web campaign spearheaded the revival of American politics by filling the entire nation with a feeling of self worth and empowerment. Go on Hazel, be have Britain at your fingertips...isn't it time to get on with your blog?

As for power to the people...those Hockerill students are swaying the vote bigtime. Should I fire off an email to the Countdown Crew on Carol's behalf? In the interest of democracy of course?

Love Ivor X

PS Some advice from Reverend Danger to help with the packing quandary. I'm oiling the tandem.