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Monday, November 24, 2008

Climate Crunch

Dear Polly
Lately, I have been doing a lot of thinking in the shed (doghouse?)...and have put life a little more into perspective. The international economic crisis, whilst critical in many respects is really academic if we don't cut a global deal on saving the planet. Instead of writing a hundred lines on recycled paper in beetroot ink :
'Never again make silly suggestions on Sky News,
Never again make silly suggestions on Sky News,
Never again make silly suggestions on Sky News'
.....enough....I have been industriously making newspaper aeroplanes by the thousand. Stay with me Polly, it is rumoured that Geoff Hoon is on the brink of signing off the third runway at Heathrow. I thought that perhaps we, and a few of the lads from The Slightly Chequered, could lob dozens of these compostible aerofoils over his garden fence by means of peaceful demonstration. Elvis could make aeroplane noises too if he wanted? Wondered if we should drop a line to Geraldine at NOTRAG to show our support.

And where is Boris in all this? It makes a mockery of any serious attempts to address the ever apparent climatic challenges that are upon us. No one wants to fly anymore...we can't afford it for a start and nor can the planet. Don't do it Geoff! What do you think Polly...time for a revival of our 'Save the Whale' days? You know you want to? We need to be out there actively demonstrating....hang on a that Robin? You sly dogs....that's where you've been!

In my soul searching regarding our leadership campaign I can see how easy it is to lose the bigger picture. Let's face it, China, India, Russia are all growing into superpowers so it is critical that that we work towards international unity and adopt a collaborative approach to the key issue of global warming. The problem is...I'm not sure if we are and me that is! I'm not good with the silent treatment. I can't save the world single-handedly. When you and Robin have disentangled the bungee ropes from my scarf, could we all go for a drink?
Ivor X
PS You have to go one better, don't you.