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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dr Melvyn Kershaw, The One.....

Dear Ivor

Technically speaking it wasn’t a spelling error in my previous post, goodness I am beginning to sound like a politician, however my ‘though’ has been provided with its ‘t’. You knew I’d never be able to leave it unedited! However I think it shows strength of character, a willingness to recognise a mistake and the ability to take immediate action. How kind of you to point it out………!

I must admit I clicked on your link for Mint Sauce with a little trepidation, initially I thought it might be a Welsh folk band with a Max Boyce leaning. However was more than pleasantly surprised, graphics are just what we need and there is a certain similarity between you and Chipko Andolan, watch this space!

Whilst contemplating the undoubted impact that my absence has had on the salsa class, I was left wondering if Miranda Gibson had sidled into my place next to Antonio. Although he too had looked fairly amused at the sight of my robust undergarments, I pride myself that she doesn’t have my shimmy. You may be wondering at the direction my thoughts are taking me? Well I then recalled a conversation that I had had with Miranda about EMA, now I am not saying that this is the norm, however in this time of cost cutting it might be an area we could look at. We were chatting about our boys, hers are at an independent boarding school, and she was gloating that they both get payments of £30 per week, which helps to pay the insurance on Tom’s Mini Cooper with personalised plates and Michael’s Abercrombie and Fitch wardrobe and they also get attendance bonuses, they’re at flipping boarding school for goodness sake!

Of course I was intrigued to find out why they qualified for anything, thinking a scam was afoot and no, not even the whiff of one! The reason for it is because Miranda’s not inadequate maintenance payments from John (ex-husband) are not classed as earnings under EMA or the fact she lives in a £1m plus property. This seems a little unfair and perhaps someone reading could explain to me why this is the case? Is capital or value of assets taken into account by HMRC for any tax credits? Did a little ferreting around and found this paragraph;

“We will not normally take capital (that is, deposits in current and savings accounts at banks and building societies, most lump sum payments and the value of property, shares and other investments) into account when we work out your entitlement to tax credits.”


EMA payments are in turmoil at the moment; the grant company administrating the scheme is having the contract taken away because it is not delivering payments on time, or at all. Is this because they are incompetent, or is it because the system is too complicated and too many students are claiming! The argument for the payments is that students will drop out if they’re not paid. Know we have mentioned this before, probably at length, but is this the right incentive? Good education and better job prospects, not massaging the unemployment figures might be a more valid reason.

Back to education and back on track I hope….. Think I have found ‘the one’ for Head of Education and Innovation, Dr Melvyn Kershaw, he sounds perfect, a clear vision and a metaphorical rucksack full of experience and with time on his hands! He has leapt to the top of my list and I’m even thinking of setting up a fan club! Where has this man been all my life, sorry Robin!

See you later.

Poll xx

PS consider my communication sharpened!