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Monday, November 17, 2008

A Flash for Boris?

Sorry Polly,
I shouldn't laugh. But I thought that perhaps I'd got the dates or venue mixed up when you didn't show at The Grand Union. By the time I'd whizzed round on my scooter to the Twitter and Natter I guessed I'd missed you altogether. I nearly choked on Santa's Nut's when I read Robin's text. I never realised salsa dancing was so dangerous and I await with interest your update on accident and emergency procedures under the NHS! Can you bend it anymore? We did crack a few 'paso doble' jokes and Ernie wasn't very impressed with the impromptu bullfight which ended in a sad rendition of 'Y Viva Espana'. I missed the last train out so it was a long scoot home to Little Uppity.But on a serious note, take things easy and don't be too hard on the nurses.

Incidentally, I've had a brainwave. On my way back in the early hours I passed more than one abandoned shopping trolley. It may well have been the same one that I passed several times. I pondered as to why people nick bikes (especially mine) but not trolleys? Ah Hah! Because they are free. Therein lies the answer. If every train station or underground in London had a stock of sturdy bikes for public use. You could put in a nominal deposit, cycle to another bike bank near your destination, drop off your bike and collect your deposit. Surely bikes aren't worth nicking if they're free for the taking? This is revolutionary. It could resolve London's transport problem and save the planet. Do you think I should email Boris with my flash of inspiration? I've already been in the shed designing prototypes but need you to do a feasability study. Exciting though isn't it? We could have tandems, family carriers, pet panniers....must carry on scribbling whilst the juices are flowing.
Lots of love
Ivor X
PS Don't eat too many 'merengues' in hospital...sorry that was Ernie's latino joke. It was really funny...last night! XX