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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well Hello Polly,
(There's a song in that and I may have sung it before so indulge me.)

Quietly whittling by the woodchip pellet fire and feeling reflective, so my quote of the day comes from Jo Burt of Mint Sauce sheep and Welshmen jokes thanks. Thought he might consider doing some graphics for us if you asked him nicely?

If we all, mountain bikers, cyclists, multi-national companies, jo public, respected the land like old civilizations we wouldn't get so many punctures. Earth's Revenge.

Are you listening Boris?

Polly I was blown away by the Google offices. WOW! I'm off to the salvage yard with my etchings and a whole new dream for the shed makeover. Also wondered if you could show me how to email Pashleys with my Ivorbike ideas...gradually gaining technical knowledge but in the words of MaxBoyce....'Duw it's hard!' Cue the song again? I'll resist the temptation to link at this point! I'll do it here instead! This is such a wheeze!

I had another brainwave today...this time media not politics. Do you remember 'Jim'll Fix It'? I loved that programme, though my Dad only switched on in error thinking it was all about DIY. Well...I can see a new role for Jonathan Ross. If he combined his affable wit with a more charitable persona it might resurrect his faltering image and bring some much needed feelgood factor back to British viewers. Bestowing dreams come true in the Christmas run up would be perfect. Might break down barriers between the generation gaps too...scary children and all that. Just musing. What do you think? Struggling with Woss'll fix it...might need some tinkering. I'll email the BBC when I've worked out how to. Christmas should be a time of forgiveness....a time for dreams come true. Me first though with ''Woss fixed it for me to brew my own personalised real ale''. A fruity little number with robust undertones and a little rough around the edges!!! Another winning formula for bloggy good ideas I thought.

From real ale back to the real world...Dennis Woodside is a good call but we seem to have overlooked any pure educationalists. Is this a reflection of the current state of pedagogy in the UK? Because I can't think of any, can you? Also, do you remember a long time ago we talked about vision and focus? Do you think we have been guilty of wandering from the path somewhat? Have we forgotten our goal to lead this country out of the quagmire? We are now awash with followers and bloggers (no don't count all of them Polly it will take too long). I feel the enthusiasm bubbling under the virtual surface. We just need to tap into the views of the people of Britain...and empower our bloggers as a united force to be reckoned with. To do so, we must sharpen our communication as our next step in our campaign for leadership. So let's make that our focus at the pub tomorrow and get our troops rallied...or Raleighed even?
Love Ivor (PM in waiting) X

PS As for the spellcheck comment...I could feign hurt but I'm rather intrigued by what exactly you gave Peter Jones?!! Mmmm? Puts a new spin on 'Never drop your 't's!' You could edit it ...but I quite like it as it is!!