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Monday, November 17, 2008

A French Velorution!

It's true Polly the frogs are green (in an environmental sense) and revolting (in a cycling sense). I know that's not very gracious of me and not the best for continental relations but can you believe that all that industrious activity last night in the shed was actually old hat? The bloody French got there first with their 'VELIBS'...and New York already does 'Freehire Fridays'...and apparently free bike hire is coming soon to Birmingham! I was so deflated that my idea wasn't unique afterall, that I couldn't bring myself to do the appropriate links. There's too many of them. I can just hear all those bloggers out there smuggly typing 'we knew that'. Well I bloody didn't! But for the record Boris, get off your posterior and get on your bike. Why is it taking so long? Whilst the Parisians are gayly cycling around the Champs Elysees in their high heels, with a baguette under one arm and smoking a gallois in the tourism leaders were stranded on London transport on their way to a Travel Show at an Olympics venue. Just a tiny bit embarrassing. Up the French 'Velorution' I say. It's time for action, not words Boris. Hmmmph!
Ivor X
PS I can't see the French in cycling helmets...and how do they steer?