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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grand Union

Dear Polly,

Home at last! I have laughed and laughed until the tears have tumbled down my fully restored beard...found a pine cone hiding in the facial undergrowth. It fell out as I slipped in a few morris dancing steps to 'There's no one as Irish as Barack Obama'. Duw, did I laugh? You have been so busy Polly. Thanks for keeping the home fires burning especially since Robin's fiddled with the heating. Whilst I applaud his environmental focus I am feeling very ashamed about the Hymns and Arias rendition...wasn't sure of the time difference after my 'mince pie and mulled wine walk' through a small woodland in the Hope valley.Prudence would have been a safer option as I got dreadfully lost and had to follow the fireworks back to civilization. I'm afraid I then had the chopper confiscated by some lively lads in hoodies. It started as a bit of a lark outside The Woodroffe Arms after round one of the quiz night. I did think they were a bit too old for hide and seek in the cemetery and when they didn't reappear for the final I guessed I'd been hoodwinked. Always a silver lining though...our team won and as they'd all bu****ed off I took home a new collapsible scooter and a crate of Swift Nick as first prize! Felt the need to share the jubilation. Sorry Robin.

Now I'm home, refocussed and riding high on homebrew and adoration for Barrack Obama. 'The times they are a changing' Polly. Yes, can you believe it, not only does he share my musical taste (he's a Dylan fan) but his favourite film is 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'...spooky or what? I think this could be the start of a beautiful transatlantic relationship. He's not keen on alcohol or coffee but his previous dabblings in narcotics suggests he can't be all bad? I thought we should send him a celebratory gift box of Suthwyk Liberation in exchange for a crate of Liberty Ale as a gesture of unity. Apparently it will 'lift our spirits and gird our loins'. Way Hay! Should we tell him that Gordon's supposed to be in charge, but that actually we are the future leaders of Britain?
Have more serious stuff to say tomorrow but still in holiday mode, need to feed Edwina....and work out how to do those technical links that you patiently demonstrated to me the other day. You have given me lots of food for thought to respond to but I thought that instead of the Natter and Witter, The Grand Union would be more apt for the occasion. Also, its happy hour at six and there won't be many more of those soon. They seemingly encourage unruly behaviour and that's possibly why I may not actually be welcome at the Natter and Witter anymore!
Question for you...when does social drinking become antisocial? And a poser for Alvin and Evan...who exactly are we borrowing from in this global recession?

Missed you, much love from Ivor XXX

PS I'll give some thoughts to lyrics for our campaign victory single whilst I'm showering. Perhaps Max Boyce will help us out?