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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Long and The Short of it.


If you are economically confused...I am truly in the soft and smelly. I tried to comprehend the level of debt via conventional channels. The Ten O'clock News made it simple for us tree-huggers and kindly explained ...'that's 12 zeros'. Now, that's much clearer, as I wasn't sure how many there were in a billion, let alone a trillion. Let's hope we are all speaking the same language in this international economic crisis. God forbid there might be some global misunderstanding along the way?
Must go, struggling with my Saberdarts are certainly 'technically backwards and unique' but I think I may be developing pilot's finger...only another zillion raptors to go. Anyone want to help pimp my mini-jet?
Much love,
Ivor X
PS Simply speaking, I suspect 'the long and the short' of our borrowing status it is that we are deeply in the RED....this universally understood colour is often used as a warning signal to indicate danger. Is this clear enough?