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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm a celebrity...

Dear Ivor

“Get off your horse and drink your milk”, as John Wayne is reported to have said……not sure why! I presume you were referring to my comments on EMA in your previous post. Am with you on your view on not allowing any kids to be disadvantaged by others and we are very lucky that education is free, just need to convince the pupils that this is the case!

However your clue is in the aspiration of many youngsters to become celebrities, which in many cases does not involve academic qualifications. We need to promote learning as a way not only out of poverty but also because it’s interesting and therein lies the rub. Don’t forget some of the excruciatingly boring lessons we went to at school, don’t you remember we used to count the people who went to sleep in Mr Gilbert’s classes, that was more exciting than the subject matter.

Kids today are not so willing to sit through things that they don’t find relevant. Perhaps we need to look at the system of teaching, not any criticism of the members of the profession, but an admission that the system is not working. There will always be good and not so good teachers but we need to address class sizes, resources and curriculum content with less testing and more collaboration across schools throughout the UK. You never know but with an increase in knowledge there might even be an increase in a healthy lifestyle. There is no reason that anyone from any background can’t mirror the Obama role model and aspire and achieve, we just need to provide the environment in which they can thrive and then the choice is theirs.

The case of ‘Baby P’ is absolutely abhorrent and just another indication of the breakdown of our society, where were the extended families, the friends and neighbours? We need to instil in the public a sense of responsibility for their own lives and a collective responsibility for each other.

Poll x

PS There’s a new video game of Barack Obama apparently in it he dodges lipstick-wearing pit bulls!