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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Join the Elite?

Dear Ivor

My goodness you have been busy!! I have not been ignoring you, my silence was due initially I must admit to shock, but that was overtaken by a technical hitch, rendering me incompatible with the internet. I did find myself missing the lack of intimacy with Google and realised that perhaps I did have some of the symptoms of Google mania, an increasing fondness for primary colours, irrational contempt for Yahoo and a gambler’s obsession with “I’m Feeling Lucky”. For two days faced with a gap in my knowledge I could no longer respond with “I’ll google it” followed by some frantic activity on the keyboard, “duw it’s hard” when you have to admit you don’t know!

Did follow your foray into the Sky News web chat on “Wossy” and although it may not have been your finest hour I have to admire your nerve. I did try a contribution of my own, “For god’s sake Ivor get off the air”, however it was blocked by the moderator, who obviously found your ramblings amusing.

I have apologised to Ian Hyland on your behalf, and received a more than magnanimous reply. Think you may have got away with it this time! His comment on air to you, although a little cryptic, was not as you thought a reference to a pint of Black and Tan but more of a cerebral observation! However to have been included in a sentence with Bono is, I must admit, quite a victory in itself.

Sky News web chat transcript: 12:51 Ian Hyland: Ivor and Polly, it is possible to save the world and discuss other things too. Even Bono likes a bit of light and shade.

Our profile has increased immeasurably, although possibly before you venture forth again into cyberspace we may have to consult a lawyer!

Don’t think that I too have not been working tirelessly for the cause, even without the assistance of electronic aids. My venture into education has taken another turn and I need you to have a clear head. Rein in your endorphins for once and engage your grey cells! Was listening to the radio (won’t mention the station, as am a bit fed up with the lack of response from Evan, he hasn’t even posted an item on his own blog since 27 October!), and they were discussing the demise of the 11-plus test in Northern Ireland. It got me thinking about academic selection. Why is academic ability viewed differently to sporting prowess or an aptitude for the arts? Am I sensing a little bit of discrimination? There appears to be no complaints of inequality when young people are selected on talent to attend a sports academy or drama school. However if you excel in academic subjects and go through a selection process to attend a more scholarly establishment it is elitism? What’s wrong with being academically clever, answer that one for me?

The environment must be at the top of our manifesto, after all where would we be without it? Spurned on by your campaign have included a link here to the petition page against the third runway at Heathrow for all our fellow bloggers to object.

Should I interpret from your previous post that the Lesser Spotted Boris Bird is now an endangered species? Does the charismatic Mrs Boris know?

Was as usual confused by the budget. Am I right in thinking that the government wants us to spend money now that we lent to the banks, but that they don’t want to lend back to us, in order to pay it back to the government later in the form of taxes, no doubt with interest? Do they think if they make the route complicated enough we won’t notice that all roads lead to the tax payer!

They are still avoiding the question of the public-sector pension liabilities just another odd trillion of debt. I know I mentioned this before but let’s face it “these are extraordinary times” and time to admit that roughly 80% of tax payers can barely fund their own pensions, let alone contribute further to the under funded final salary schemes of 5 million public sector workers. It’s not just me who thinks so. Look at these articles from Power to the people and the FT. Is this not creating a pension elite? This huge injustice needs sorting out now!

Poll xx

PS see you Weds at the Upping Arms at 8pm?


Blog Floater said...

Selective schools aren't elitist it's just usually the people that want their kids to go to them are!

Elvis said...

Polly has got a point about developing other talents, perhaps it's just the autonomy of the selection process that causes the problem?

Anonymous said...

What's the government's gifted and talented scheme about if it's not selecting kids based on ability?

Blog Floater said...

gifted and talented covers sport and arts I think.