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Friday, November 21, 2008

Jonathan Ross Decision Countdown

Polly...can you believe it. The BBC are still dithering about Jonathan Ross. Didn't they get my email? Let's spell it out....are you listening Sir Michael Lyons of the BBC Trust?
  • Popular broadcaster gaffs big time.Ooops.
  • Listening public up in arms. Yikes.
  • Grandad understandably p***ed off. Ooops.
  • Apologies offered. Aaagh.
  • Punishment administered. Hooray.
  • Let's wait.....tum te tum....tum te tum...
  • Rebrand with new improved wholesome image. Mmmm?
  • Charitable, child-centred programme for Christmas. Mmmm?
  • Donate some/all of £6 million salary to charity. Hooray.
  • Forgiveness, peace and harmony. Yippee!

And the programme? Woss'll Fix It, of course!

Sir Michael, sorry to interrupt your critical meeting (there's another one going on in Washington today..nothing that won't wait though.) I'm hoping you might find the time to read this last-minute blog in your coffee break (Fairtrade I hope). Make the right decision please so we can all get back to minor diversions like averting global recession, tackling prostitution,DR Congo, climate change, honey rationing and Madge's divorce.
Seriously though, 'Good Luck Wossy'...if it all goes pear-shaped (Polly won't let me say 'T**s Up'), I'm sure we can find a role for you in the Wannabepm Crew. Not sure if the Environment is your metaphorical backpack...Repair, Recycle. Reuse...seems so cruel. But then under the circumstances? Fingers crossed.
Big Kisses
Ivor Dunmoaning
PS Education is clearly a no-go with the three 'R's. What about a short broadcast on the Economy 'Recession to Recovery'....don't mention the 'R' word?
Ohhh! Sorry, must reign in my uncontrollable endorphins!
Come out from behind the sofa of political correctness Polly...he knows I'm only joshing. Can't he take a joke?