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Monday, November 17, 2008

Kneesy for you to say!

Welcome back Polly, I've missed you. Sorry about your meniscus, not to mention the big knickers (never again I promise!). I have been slightly confused and after much delving into transpirational pull and capillary action I realised I'd made a parallax error. You were, in fact, talking about your bloody knee! As for 'Meh'...I always thought that meant slightly more than 'rubbish' in French and it's not new in my vocabulary...not since 'O' level with Gerty Garlick in cell block H (mind your language) department!

I may have been harsh on Boris with regards to my Ivorbike Freecycling brainwave. He has been putting his money where his mouth is afterall, in challenging the plans to build a third runway at Heathrow. Top man Boris! When that's sorted can we address the small matter of London as Olympic Cycle City?

Boris, whilst you're busy, I hope you don't mind if I tip off Pashley Cycles of England to start designing a prototype to bid for contract a la 'Velib'. Being a traditional man I thought we should tender out to an established British firm. And as for Pashleys...remember it was Ivor who gave you the nod and the wink? Perhaps you could design Polly and I a 'fit-for-leadership' tandem for our ministerial campaign by means of a thankyou? No harm in asking. Incidentally, how did you know Robin had special needs...Polly only fessed up to me over one to many malibus? You know what they say about men with small hands? She'll have a field day when she sees your you do wicker laptop holders?

Polly, are we safe to go back to the Natter and Twitter on Wednesday do you think? If so see you there at 8.00pm.
Lots of love,
Ivor X

PS NO Polly! Pashleys don't do Cath Kidston basket inserts....yet?!!!