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Monday, November 10, 2008

The luck of the Irish

Dear Ivor
After a nasty shock from the electric guitar and a complaint from the neighbour, think that our victory single might be better sung a cappella.

I have over the weekend been practising my scales and think that the soprano section would be within my range with you doing bass, which means that we are looking for an alto, do you think Evan Davis might be open to a singing role? Singing is meant to be a good team building exercise so propose that as well as regular cabinet meetings we have a good sing-song once a week in no. 10 perhaps even going so far as to put on the odd cross party concert.

Let the British public see we can work together and even have a bit of fun. On this front have been thinking that we need to look at changing political behaviour and creating a more collaborative and less confrontational approach, as one party, not even The Inn Crowd, can tackle all the political issues of the day.

David Cameron talks about a broken society, what about the broken political system, with public displays of petty point scoring and squabbling that would be appropriate to the playground, no wonder there is voter apathy when we witness daily the scramble for headlines and sound bytes. I do wonder what would be achieved if all parties combined their efforts and talents on sorting out problems and not on working on strategies to trip each other up. Would it be possible for them to share their ideas and experience for the greater good, or is it ultimately power that motivates a politician?

We don’t want to create an inert political system reliant on pacts between political opponents but some considered debate amongst politicians in the House of Commons would be refreshing, with a willingness to listen and perhaps even adopt a different approach in matters where the current direction doesn’t appear to be working. Instead of rabble rousing speeches aimed at undermining support for whoever is in opposition. To assist in this I propose introducing a seating plan in the House where MPs from all parties are separated into areas of expertise, so all the economists across all parties sit together etc, know initially we may come across some resistance but what do you think? It could be the beginning of some beautiful and fruitful friendships!

In case you missed the news, not surprisingly it has been discovered that Barack Obama has Irish ancestry (you’ve guessed here’s the song), carrying on a trend since Kennedy took office in 1961 of every President bar one, Gerald Ford, having some Irish blood. Even Joe Biden the Vice President elect, John McCain and Sarah Palin have Irish ancestry, is this an unwritten prerequisite for American high office? Or could it be the luck of the Irish and the the gift of the gab?

Hope your journey home was uneventful, it is quite a long way to cycle, although the Chopper seat is quite comfortable. See you this week, need to nominate our runners for Head of Education and Innovation.

Poll x x

PS we might need to do some research into our family trees