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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Manifesto in the Making

Dear Polly,

It is chilly here at Tanners Hatch YHA, but Peter has kindly topped up my mulled wine and I've come outside to feel the wind in my whiskers. At a safe distance from the heart warming sounds of tin whistles, bodhrans and fireside harmonies, I'm not sure if it's the warm banter amongst kindly folk or the effect of the mushrooms...but I have had a sudden realisation that we are without manifesto.

We've been gayly blogging along, ranting here and musing there....and yet I fear that we have not been entirely clear in revealing the angle of our own political compass. I appreciate that it's early days and strategic direction does not seem to matter too much within British politics, but I feel it's important that we find some answers to our contemplations.

Bereft of google, I find myself studying Orion's Belt for inspiration, but in fact it was Paul (on fiddle) who passionately expounded on the merits of streaming. Then Mary rounded off the debate with a tirade on class size....she only took up the Clarsach harp to ensure a one-to-one ratio with her music teacher and a scholarship to a leading public school.

There was general consensus that every child matters and that educationalists deserve a handsome salary in order to attract and retain the talented. This, as Peter pointed out, would enable us to offload the poor performing teachers.

It was all getting rather heated so I slipped out to jot down a few thoughts on the back of my Ordnance Survey map. It's such a clear night sky, I'm hoping the cool breeze and another mulled wine will help shape my first draft of our manifesto....with a little help from my friends. Tonight Polly, the answers
are not to be found on google!

Peace, love and harmonies to all

Ivor X

PS Apologies to Sarah that Edwina got stuck in the rope swing....think she had been at my bottle of Fiddlers Elbow when my back was turned!