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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Bicycle Per Child?

Dear Ivor

Am thrilled you have finally mastered the more intricate side of blogging and inserted links!! I fear there will be no stopping you now! Perhaps spell check could be next?

Unfortunately once again we may not have got there first. It seems that a link between Pashleys and Boris has already been mooted and apparently Jeremy Clarkson himself has one, not sure if that is an addition to their green credentials. However still think Pashleys IvorBike Freecycling Scheme should not be deterred by this minor hiccup and you should forge ahead regardless, as you usually do.

Have been investigating myself this one laptop per child scheme. You purchase a laptop with an identifying sticker which means you get two for the price of one, one for you and one for a school child in a developing nation. On the face of it I was impressed could we do the same thing with bikes? Probably more useful in some cases in order to get to school.

Whilst speaking of education, I have put Carol Voderman on the list for Head of Education and Innovation, although I would need to have a word with her about her freelance work with regard to promoting certain loan companies. Think her heart is probably in the right place and boy is that woman good with figures, bet she wears Trinny and Susannah tummy control thongs! Stephen Fry although an all round good egg could be a little difficult to manage and end up more popular than us, so a no-goer. Did give some thought to Peter Jones, perhaps he could job share with Carol as he certainly has the innovation side of things covered and we could do with a bit of that right now. Or we could look at Dennis Woodside, he looks a bit like a comic superhero and runs Google in the UK, now there’s a bit of super innovation for you. Could we kit no. 10 out like the Google offices in Zurich? Can just see Barack sliding in for a chat!

Am finding my enforced rest a little boring, although the hopping is coming along well and I can now get to the bathroom without too many mishaps. It does make me realise how debilitating even a small injury can be, not that you don’t know that, I still wince when I think of you coming off that rugby pitch.

See you tomorrow, Robin said he would drive me, he wants to show off his eco-fuel to you and also something about a chirpy trike! You’ll know we’re coming from the waft of chips!!

Poll x