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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Dear Ivor

So good to have you back safe and sound. Won’t mention the loss of the chopper at this stage to Robin, as he was rather attached to it and to be honest had just become a member of the Raleigh Chopper Owners Club with pole position at Billing 2009! Oh well the ride of his life will have to wait for now.

Back to more important matters, good news for the allotment society as the EU is going to allow oddly shaped fruit and vegetables to be sold in Europe, you could have a market there, apparently 20% is rejected at the moment. Perhaps whilst common sense prevails they could also review some of their other misshapen legislation, starting with the Common Agricultural Policy?

I wonder if this will result in lower prices in the shops, Sainsbury’s announced a 13% rise in half-year profits, to improve on this they need to find a celebrity chef, promote 100 things to do with wonky fruit and veg and then they can charge more for it than the perfectly formed variety, is Jamie Oliver available? I know that he’s a bit busy at the moment promoting healthy eating, an admirable cause. The government announced the appointment of nine healthy towns yesterday which are going to receive £30 million of funding to improve the health of their populations. Apparently this is part of a £375 million public health drive to encourage fitness in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games. No wonder they couldn’t afford that £40m leisure pool on the side of the Olympic aquatic centre.

One of the nominated “healthy towns”, Manchester, is proposing a “Points4Life” scheme to reward people when they take exercise with healthy food or free activities. Will this be means tested, am worried that Colleen Rooney could end up with more fruit and veg than she can cope with and no free time?

Tower Hamlets is proposing an award scheme that rates fast food outlets, cafes and restaurants on how healthy their menus are. We could have menus appearing with points ratings, and eating at an establishment with a low health ranking could result in point deductions. Scanning of biometric ID cards could be introduced when paying for a meal or buying shopping to check on the population’s food choices, resulting in a visit from the “Lifestyle Revolution” Army if fish and chips were consumed two nights in a row!

This is definitely an issue that our Head of Health and Welfare is going to have to tackle but we need to go for a long term approach. The government is currently planning on updating hundreds of primary schools in England and ministers will release £1.75bn for approved building work. We need to make sure that sports provision is one of the beneficiaries of this modernisation. There needs to be dedicated PE teachers working in schools and communities with access to modern sports facilities, we could even look at the use of independent schools’ facilities by state schools, they are registered charities after all! I’ll leave elitism in sport for another post!

In answer to your questions; think UK borrowing is probably coming from us, and social drinking becomes antisocial when you can’t remember who you were being social with in the first place!

Poll (your fellow Obama admirer)xx

PS looking forward to your victory single lyrics.