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Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Sense of Perspective?

Dear Ivor

Think our emails yesterday crossed in cyber post! Either that or you had just had a home brew taster session?

My stumble into your area of environmental issues may have been a little clumsy but my intentions were honourable. However you are probably right perhaps I should stick to education!

We did manage to clarify a few matters last night at the Upping Arms and I am about to publish Poll’s poll for the Head of Education and Innovation. Our three runners are Dr Melvyn Kershaw ex head of Haybridge High School, Dr V Rataj-Worsnop head of Hockerill Anglo-European College and Carol Vorderman, just knew you would get the Welsh contingent in somehow! Perhaps we could have the Dragons as volunteer special advisers on the innovation bit. It might even stir Evan into some action?

David Blunkett is urging that everyone between the ages of 16-25 should do some voluntary work, sounds like another attempt to massage unemployment figures to me! Perhaps he should look at the figures from the Office of National Statistics which reports that nearly three-quarters (73 per cent) of adults participated at least once in some form of volunteering. If that’s not a good role model for young people don’t know what is. According to Volunteering England the voluntary sector is estimated to be worth £40 billion a year to the economy, no wonder he wants more of us to volunteer! Am all in favour of community spirit and a sense of belonging and the boys’ schools and sports clubs have both borne the brunt of my committee skills! Without the infinite goodwill of a host of local volunteers the majority of sports clubs would not exist. However to say that this will help put things into perspective on "what's happening to them in other parts of their lives", like no jobs, increasing national debt and the prospect of a tax bill without end, is a little patronising. Mind you Robin did say that he already felt that he was doing enforced voluntary work for HM Treasury anyway!

Still with all those extra zeros to keep in check the government has had a bit of a recruitment drive in the last quarter and employed an extra 13,000 people, no doubt on final salary schemes. Its heart warming to know that at least one sector of the economy is expanding.

Unfortunately with the economic crisis in full swing the outrageous conditions in Zimbabwe are DR Congo are hardly hitting the headlines. There’s perspective for you!

Poll xx