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Monday, November 17, 2008

Strictly Cucaracha!

Dear Ivor

Sorry to have missed our meeting at The Grand Union. Not sure how much Robin told you about my salsa incident? Was performing a simple cucaracha, rather well I thought, when my enthusiastic partner, attempting a cross basic, tripped, resulting in a rather unseemly heap on the floor, a complete loss of dignity and a tear in my meniscus, to say nothing of the flash of my knee length tummy control pants, which although extremely discreet when covered do appear rather industrial on airing! Even in my moment of pain I recognised the flicker of smug looks amongst the female members of the class who now knew that the source of my sleek lines was not an iron will but more iron knickers! After a visit to A&E and more knicker airing, which I must admit I did attempt to pass off as sports under shorts, am at last at home with leg elevated, a bucket of ice and PC within reach!! Am afraid my dancing days will be over for a while, but it does give me more time to concentrate on our campaign.

It was a shame about your cycling initiative, but the fact that it is being done in other countries just goes to prove that it is a good idea, so carry on with the lobbying. Perhaps we could call it Ivorbike?

You were also right about not settling for mediocrity in education. It does sometimes appear that we have created a generation hooked on image and get rich quick schemes, waiting to be whisked off to another life instead of living their own. The way education is taught and valued must be a core part of our political party manifesto. We could get rid of OFSTED inspections and replace it with an organisation promoting teacher buddying schemes and exchanges, providing resources of tried and tested excellent teaching aids and advice. We could support and develop our teachers and their pupils, instead of contributing to a culture of pressure and blame.

It is surprising that it was reported in a recent YouGov survey that over 50% of adults interviewed thought that children were a danger to others. And yet children do not grow up in a vacuum, who and where are the responsible adults who have been figures of authority and influence in these feral children’s lives? Could it be us?

There is definitely a generation gap but there should be one, we don’t want young people sharing our disco anthems and being influenced by our cynicism! The great thing about the young, and which we must encourage at all costs, is their belief that they can change things for the better, if that goes we are all lost! In America Barack Obama won the youth vote so perhaps this is the time for change, before someone steals my identity online for £80 and ruins my life, sorry the pessimism just creeps up on me, must be my age!

Look forward to seeing you, need cheering up! Meh!!

Poll x

PS Nearly forgot, apparently David Mandelson has expressed an interest in being on Strictly Come Dancing, perhaps I ought to warn him of the dangers………then again!