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Friday, November 21, 2008

This Once Great Nation...

Breaking News Polly!
Government ditches Prudence, and feel I too have given in to prudence. Whilst I should have been getting stuck into real issues surrounding the energy crisis, climate change and economic transformation...I found myself caught up in a last minute bid to save JR. I'm not proud. Wossy will not be sacked....but it's gone very silent on the BBC 'Jim'll Fix It' relaunch for Christmas. That may have something to do with a webchat moment that overcame me. I now see how fame goes to the heads of politicians. Ian Hyland's reply on Bono confused me...I thought he was referring to real ales (he's a Derbyshire man) and I made an off-the-cuff remark about Rudolph's Revenge. That one didn't go live...but I'm sorry to say several others did.

I hope Barry blogs on to Wannabe....I couldn't agree more with his comments, hence the title. Anyway, I've made my point loud and clear. It's time to put my media intervention to rest and move forward with a degree of humility. Still, it was funny at the time!
Ivor X
PS I will stay confined to my shed until things die down. Although there is an Arctic freeze heading this way for the weekend....button down the longjohns. Has Robin got the Max Boyce scarf that I swished?