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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wake up to Awards

This award mindset is getting out of hand. I'm waiting for someone to give me a certificate of merit for getting out of bed this morning (alka seltzer would be a start!). Will I be 'star of the day' for getting to college without cutting up a pedestrian on my scooter and do I get a gold star for consuming more than five fruit and veg per day...bonus points if they are 'nobbly' perhaps? What world have I come back to? As for your points on education. Don't reward the skivvers for bravely venturing in to ruin someone else's day...tell them its invitation only.

If they can't behave they aren't welcome. They are jolly lucky to live in a country were education is free. If it was aspirational to get in to school wouldn't the disengaged eventually realise that learning is a passport off the streets? A bit of reverse psychology. I pity the bright kids in state education that are being dragged down by the lowest common denominator in each class. I believe everyone is entitled to an education if they deserve it and WANT it! Don't bribe them in to school. It's crazy.

In a local first school near me the overwhelming wish for when they grow up is to be a footballer or popstar...what happened to nurse, fireman, doctors, teachers? As students everyone wants to go into forensics because of CSI. We forget how influenced kids are by media. We need action not awards. Let's cap salaries that are beyond reason or celebrate those who donate their millions to worthy causes. I came across a school last week who sends a prison bus round for a day so the pupils can experience first hand the environment of life At Her Majesty's Pleasure as a hopeful deterrent!

Have we lost the plot? As for 'healthy cities'...guess what...exercise more, eat less! Coronary heart disease is the single biggest killer in the UK putting a huge economic burden on the health care system. We spend millions on saving the lives of people who are eating themselves to death and only finding out after a heart attack that maybe they could have done something about it if they had acted earlier. And it's not just they lower incomes that sway the statistics...plenty on high incomes also find themselves whipped in for a bypass.

Why don't we screen everyone in their forties so they can see first hand what's happening to their arteries and shock them into changing life habits? Perhaps we could take treacle pudding off the menu in cardiac units and stop feeding our nursery school children chocolate biscuits at mid-morning breaks! Must go as my blood pressure is up!!

And our two leaders are arguing over cheap shots over 'Baby P'....did anyone stop to think that whilst perhaps more could have been done to stop this horror unfolding...what psyche are young adults growing up with that permit them to wilfully inflict such cruelty? Where are we going wrong?

Ivor...on my high horse X

PS Carol Vauderman for Head of Ed perhaps..we could 'countdown' to our election.