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Thursday, November 06, 2008

We Want Change

Dear Ivor
Sorry but Robin did not appreciate your rendition of Max Boyce’s Hymns and Arias at 3 o’clock this morning! Although I was quite impressed by the harmony that the singer in the background was attempting, a fellow Welshman lost in the Peaks? You’re right I am still on a high from yesterday and keep chanting “We Want Change”. Strangely this momentous historical event seems to have bypassed some of our local residents, there was no mention of it at my pilates class and Robin said that it was the same at his office. I am wondering if the British people have become disengaged with politics. Or perhaps they have just become a little cynical. I may be wrong but in the press coverage I thought I discerned a small ripple of admiration and optimism!

However I am concerned that President Obama has the hopes of not only America but quite a bit of the rest of the world resting on his shoulders and he may be overwhelmed by the enormity of the task. Was wondering if we should offer him the benefit of our experience and common sense but I think we might get trampled in the rush! Perhaps we should wait and see how things go?

In the meantime we must press on with our own campaign, should we be composing a victory single, we haven’t really made any speeches at this stage that could be considered lyric worthy, do you have any suggestions other than Barry Manilow’s “I Made it Through the Rain”? Have had a go at an adaptation let me know what you think?

We made it through the rain
And didn’t get dejected
We made it through the rain
And kept our point of view
We made it through the rain
And found ourselves elected
By the public who
Got rained on too
And made it through….

Thought we could have it mixed with a rap version of “You are my sunshine" in the background?

Breaking news, the Bank of England has just cut interest rates by 1.5% and yet it seems it's not automatically passing this on to borrowers. I really can’t understand this banking lark. If mortgage rates are reduced the amount saved by individuals will then remain in the banking system somewhere, so banks will have the money anyway. And should the money be spent on something it will then be re-banked by whoever receives the payment, so again the banks get it back, where’s the problem?

Am off now to see if I can find the electric guitar in the loft. Make sure you peg the tent down more securely tonight.

See you soon.

Poll xx