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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wealth Warning

Dear Ivor

You’re right you can’t believe everything you read! The article you found did sound rather caustic and slightly lacking in substance, more of a lewd gesture I thought. A bitter rival was probably an understatement, the edge of reason did spring to mind! Think a similar attack may have occurred on Wikipedia, as although normally an oracle on all things, this page seems to have mysteriously been deleted.

Was, I must admit, a little taken aback by his appearance , for a moment thought it was the comedian Dominic Holland, although perhaps a little more mature. Had more of a Dumbledore figure in mind with frayed cuffs, now there’s an academic stereotype!

Anyway on further googling discovered that, allegedly, Dr K is now an adviser for the Department for Children, Schools and Families so is already in the political forum. Also Adrian Chiles was an ex-pupil at Haybridge High School so perhaps he’s could give us the inside track? However in the absence of further nominations from our loyal bloggers, will just have to leave it up to the public as to whether they vote for him in our forthcoming poll.

With regard to more inclusivity and your tree hugging contingent, please do not ask Roger! Had heard he was trying to move the yurt from Swanage up to Firle to participate in Safari Britain, no doubt tempted by Alice Keens Soper’s comment on the site. I do not have to remind you that under no circumstances do I wish to resume the conversation on the joys of a green relationship with him! Think he got most of his tips from This one should appeal to you click here.

With regard to your concerns about your carbon footprint, there are wind-up laptops produced under the one laptop per child scheme, the XO, not sure you would qualify. Perhaps you could cobble together a solar panel instead?

The news from the high street is a little despondent and am feeling the pinch myself, Robin has been compiling a Christmas budget, looks more like rationing to me! He has taken to thrift far too easily for my liking. The list includes making Christmas decorations with pine cones and spraying various seed heads from the garden silver, very Sarah Raven. Also a secret Santa tombola where we each only buy one present, that’s one more than he usually does! He’s working on the menu now, heaven help us, if he asks you for any foraging tips please keep stum!

Only five weeks to Christmas and there is a distinct lack of indiscriminate spending going on. Perhaps shoppers are holding off, waiting to get a real bargain, although the Woolworths chain for £1 seems a bit too good to be true! Whilst we procrastinate are we actually exacerbating the financial crisis?

On the Today programme this morning Sir Philip Green blamed the media for fuelling the lack of confidence. I have to agree that I think he is partly right. Reports on flash sales on the high street do make me think twice about parting with my cash. After all things could go even lower, or is it because reality is dawning on me?

Whilst I have been indisposed I have examined my conscience, and have a nagging doubt that things had got slightly out of control. Are we all positively reviewing our spending habits now? House prices were soaring, credit cards were up to the hilt, mortgage debt was increasing and we were prepared to pay almost anything for designer clothing and the perfect interior. Has the power now been passed back to the consumer? Could it be that the prospect of Christmas, a season to be jolly expensive, with families overspending and getting into more debt to provide things they can’t afford, whilst repenting miserably for most of the following year, could be a thing of the past? Could we be humming along to ‘I’m dreaming of a debt-free Christmas’ or 'Jingle Bills, Jingle Bills, Credit cards thrown away, oh what fun it is to strive to pay for Christmas day, Oh!', ho, ho, ho! No cringing please.

Don’t be smug, you have always been the Jiminy Cricket on my shoulder in matters of excessive consumerism, which is probably why Robin has encouraged our friendship, well that and the supply of home brew, and perhaps in the past I have rejected your cautionary advice out of hand. I may never develop your resourcefulness where fashion is concerned, or your disregard for sell-by dates, however I intend to bear your mantra in mind when I am next out shopping, ‘This item can seriously damage your wealth’!

Poll xxx

PS Remember I recommended happiness lessons in schools someone has got there first!

PPS Have no idea about pocket money, did start giving it to the boys but always needed to borrow it back so ended up in debt!!