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Monday, November 03, 2008

Where is Prudence?

Dear Ivor
Hope you enjoyed your stay in Derbyshire, did you take Edwina? I am afraid that you have returned to find me confused! I have tried to keep abreast of news articles in your absence but it has been a lot harder than I anticipated. Unfortunately I have uncovered a trend of diversionary tactics. For example we had the Brand/Ross debacle which hogged the headlines nearly all week, not sure if you know but Gordon Brown even added his two penneth, however think this was just to put the public off the scent of the scrapping of the fiscal borrowing rules by Alistair Darling. Now I don’t even pretend to understand what these are, so have resorted to the internet and although extremely confusing think it is to do with a percentage amount that the government is allowed to borrow against our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which on further googling is the total value of all goods and services produced within the UK during a given year. Are you still with me, so basically the government can now borrow exactly what it wants, which I think it was doing anyway, but was hoping no one would notice. They appear to be unaware of my spreadsheet which is topping £5 trillion with 12 zeros, no couldn’t bring myself to delete it! Gordon also seems to have sacked Prudence on the quiet, who, although not totally sure of her role, think was some kind of financial consultant, which is strange as this would appear a good time for him to be seeking some advice. Perhaps she’ll be replaced by Hope.
Back to the spreadsheet, I am extremely concerned that nobody, me included, seems to be adding on the public-sector pension liabilities to their figures, is it because they’ve forgotten about it, or could it be what’s another odd trillion between public servants. Now I am all for tightening my spending belt which has gone in several notches, however I must admit I do feel a bit miffed as Robin and I, together with most of our friends, look forward to an ever decreasing income in retirement and the prospect of "grow your own", are still expected to shore up the seemingly bottomless pit of the final salary scheme of the public sector. This appears to be an unequal luxury that the British public cannot afford and one that the government has quietly swept under the Downing Street carpet. We need transparency, am sure that someone, could be what tipped Prudence over the edge, has worked out the sums, perhaps they are just waiting for the winner of the X Factor to be announced before they publish the figures, that should keep the British public’s attention diverted!

You OK for this Thursday at the Natter and Witter on The Green, missed you last week!

Poll x

PS For your birthday am dithering between the Real Ales and Real Pies Cookbook or Dry Stone Walling The Essential Guide have you got a preference?