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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Away from it all...indeed?

Actually Polly, hurt is an understatement.
I finally got Robin to spill the beans. Reconnecting with your unique purpose in life? Finding yourself? A journey of self discovery? Inner-reflection and transformation? Don't you think a trip to Las Vegas slightly self indulgent? Not to mention your carbon footprint. May I draw your attention to Stephen Covey's advice that an effective leadership retreat requires 'buy-in' from all. When planning a successful retreat you should begin with the end in mind and consult with your team to set appropriate goals. Forgive my niavity, but I thought I was your team? I admit I am no fan of extensive consultation but even a vague allusion to your plans, a throw away comment...a tincy wincy HINT perhaps. But nothing...nothing...I've been hanging around in cyberspace like Norman Nomates. Not a blogging peep from you. Well, when you have found will find me here contemplating my navel, enjoying the isolation and just dreaming. How does it go...don't blog me, I'll blog you?
PS We had a dream once, remember?