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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bloggers Unite!

Dear Ivor

Phew, are you suffering from sleep deprivation!

Don’t worry am not going to brave the “not just a store, it’s…” sale as last time this high street name had a 20% off day the police shut the doors of our local branch for health and safety reasons. Although after reading some of the comments posted on Anthony King’s article am beginning to toy with a conspiracy theory that the real reason was to arrest the spending spree in order to deepen the economic crisis and increase the likelihood of the introduction of a police state, or whatever!!

Must admit felt mentally battered and deep fried after trawling trough the list of moderated free speech (is that a contradiction in terms?). Feel motivated and deflated all at the same time and the temptation to crawl back under the rock I came from is quite compelling.

Faced with far more erudite keyboards than my own, almost (note almost!) began to feel that our small attempt to thwart political inertia was in vain. But was rallied by the announcement of a delay in the decision on the third runway at Heathrow. A small step in the right direction, well done to Geraldine and her co-NOTRAGers or perhaps your threat of origami tipped the balance.

Have ventured forth into the blogosphere and it’s true it is awash with politics, so that’s where it’s been hiding! Surprise, surprise, we are not the only ones advocating change. However there is a distinct lack of direction. Have my suspicions that blogging provides instant, albeit temporary, euphoria, followed by a period of self doubt and apathy.

Nevertheless bloggers are becoming more outspoken you only have to look at Guido, was a little shocked at some of the more graphic comments emitting from his followers and would draw their attention to Clive James’s observations on the use of a limited vocabulary. However bloggers are becoming a recognised political force. Found this bit on Wikipedia regarding UK political blogs;

“A former leading adviser to the government has criticised their anti-establishment nature for fuelling a "crisis" in politics stating that there should be more emphasis on working together to solve problems rather than making hostile and conflicting demands on politicians”

Nearly choked on my bagel, “working together” now that would be novel! Take the wooden beam out of your own eye! Doesn’t our political system rely upon systemic confrontation followed by individual character assassination leading to gratuitous point scoring? It’s not our blogging fault, language now!!

If ordinary people wielded their political might we would have the MPs that we believe we deserve. It’s time for some action, evolution not revolution Ivor! Politics is simply a decision making process, but it’s us that decide who we want to make those decisions. So let’s find us some decision makers, bloggers of the cybersphere unite, what have we got to lose? Yes you! Throw a pebble into the political pond, send this blog to your friends, or join Elvis as a follower, avatars welcome! We could have ourselves a blogging convoy!

Poll xx