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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bloggy and the Bandits

It's all about vision Polly....there's no stopping us now. I've been trucking through political cyberspace to rally the troops. I went straight to Iain Dale's Top 100 UK Political Blogs 2008 and whilst I feel a little intimidated on the political prerequisites for effective blogging...we do know how to PARTY! Consider us as fresh faced, new recruits tiptoeing nervously below the radar. We don't swing left or right...we are utter novices heading straight for the open road. Recklessly keen, green and ready to convoy. This is not invitation only but first come first serve..not enough campervans for every blogger on the list. Copy? Help us out Good Buddy. Leave the fighting to the politicians...let's hit the track running Breaker One. Iain, would you like to be Love Machine or Smokey, as I'm not sure if 'Mr Dale' cuts it when we've got a frontdoor clean clear to blogging unity! Show no fear....ain't nothing gonna get in our way! Mesh to the metal's one big political PARTY out there in the blogosphere. Love, peace and unity Guido? You trucked all day and trucked all let the inner beatnik out. Freedom to Blog?
Bloggers Unite 10-4...we got us a convoy. Are you guys trucking?
Rubber Duck
(aka Ivor Dunmoanin X)

PS Geraldine, great news that Geoff Hoon is reconsidering his decision on the third runway....hope it wasn't the recycled Messerschmitts that landed in his bird feeder. Keep on truckin', you've got a busy weekend and there's a campervan with your name on it NOTRAG! I'm up for Flashmob...any excuse.

PPS Polly, was Guido a raver? Lasers, acid and artificial blog (sorry fog)? He has certainly experimented with facial hair (one of his many disguises perhaps) and I vaguely remember experiencing a spiritual connection with his soul patch at Glastonbury in the 80's...or was that Roger? Do you think he likes real ale too?