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Monday, December 01, 2008

Britney Spears MP?

I am toasting my toes by the fireside with Edwina and have just enjoyed a few bottles of The Dark Side of the Moose whilst rummaging through old photos of Llangollen. Yes...I have evidence. You may wonder why I'm about to include Britney Spears in the same sentence as the Girl Guides. Well, I'm glad you're curious as there is a link, however tortuous. The Girl Guides, quite rightly, are calling for new politics for the next generation. They feel disengaged with national politics and what's even more exciting...they have a plan to engage young women in British politics!!! It is utterly brilliant. They call for new legislation demanding young political ambassadors. They want targets for school visits from MPs, on-line voting, youth correspondents in the national media....and wait for it.....a celebrity minister for young people. This I believe is the key to empowering change for the next generation. I truly believe we should be listening carefully to these optimistic voices. They care passionately enough to positively bring about change. It's inspiring...
Polly, how big is our campervan? Is there room for one more? I am all for a celebrity minister for youth....but who? Kate Moss, Cat Deeley, Emma Thompson, Davina McCall were all girl guides. And guess who....our own Carol Vorderman? But they are all too old!
OK! OK! Britney Spears was a complete red herring, but I thought it might just pull in some youthful representation from any casual internet surfers. It is quite scary when you examine the Top 10 searches in the UK for 2008. I feel we are somehow back where we started many moons ago . It's going to be a tough challenge for the Girl Guide Movement to find a politically astute, inspirational leader under the age of twenty one, who also happens to be a celebrity. I am sorry about my corrosive cynicism (which is now beginning to chafe a little) as I genuinely admire their determination to embrace British politics. To all political outsiders, near and far, come in from the cold and join Polly and I in a fireside song to celebrate the next generation?
Love and Peace,
Ivor X
PS How old is James?