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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Celebrity guide not required!

Dear Ivor

Hurrah for Girlguiding UK this is just the sort of involvement we are looking for from our young people. But come on girls don’t look for a celebrity Minister for Young People, choose one of your own who will be truly representative of your organisation. There must be quite a few who would relish the chance to be at the cutting edge of politics and become truly engaged in policy making decisions.

You say that you want to “Give young people a say about issues that affect them directly”, in which case really own and promote this project yourselves, if celebrities give their support all well and good, but shift the emphasis to real people effecting real change. That might encourage the sceptics in you and you never know us oldies as well!

Move the current focus from celebrity to sorority and become true role models for your generation, airbrushing not included!

And if you still decide to go ahead with a celebrity perhaps you’ll find one here?

Poll xx