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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Consultation Costs?

I'm totally with you on 'Tick and Bash' culture...just say NO! All for complete exposure (always have been)....goes with being a rugby player. My gripe is that word 'CONSULTATION' much of our money has the government spent on consultation, what does it mean and who exactly do they consult with? No one has ever asked me anything? I wonder why. Am I not worthy? Vera is still moderating me on YAHOO (some party she's at) I just a lone voice in cyberspace?
Must dash...but in the interest of transparency, I confess I am not actually busy, just taking time out at the allotment discussing plans with Elvis for a community garden.
I will be seriously mulling over the issues you have so vehemently blogged a little later....after the sun goes down over my freshly turned compost heaps.
Not sure about the sit in....smacks of Thailand. How about a jolly good singalong to challenge noise pollution....'Oh! You'll Never Get to Heaven.... on a jumbo jet' LA LA LA! Everyone knows that one...I've consulted.
Love Ivor X

PS Do you think Jenni Murray on R4 knows about the political stance adopted by the Girl Guides? Isn't that the sort of thing that should be exposed on Women's Hour....not posh kennels. Though Edwina's ears pricked up. NO....I wasn't listening voluntarily...Aunty Gladys had it on whilst knitting up some teachers to help resolve class-size ratios.